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Create high-quality, innovative and engaging training materials with PandaSuite, our 100% interactive authoring tool.

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Make learning more successful

Elearning Authoring Tool

Focus on interactivity

In a classroom, the instructor is present. In digital learning, learners are alone. This is why you need to find new ways to make learners active in their learning process. Interactive content brings more engagement, learners develop skills more easily and quickly.

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Make it custom

Most of the e learning softwares are deceptive in termes of design and customization. In our digital world, people are expecting great user experience. Create really unique and memorable learning experiences.

Elearning Authoring Tool

Produce quickly

In our world of uncertainty, there are always business challenges ahead. You need to quickly build elearning courses and training programs. That’s why digital learning softwares must be intuitive and accessible to everyone to save time.

Elearning Authoring Tool

Available anytime

Learners do not study at the same time or from the same place. Make your elearning content easily available from every device (mobile, tablet, desktop).

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Easily produce interactive modules with PandaSuite

PandaSuite is a cloud-based authoring software to create digital content without any technical knowledge.

A powerful tool

As a standalone digital learning tool, it gives you much more freedom to create high-quality, customized content than authoring tools from learning management systems (LMS).

Open to everyone

No coding is required. Best for educational institutions, designers, course developers, content developers and people working in professional learning.

pandasuite no code

How to create digital courses

Elearning Authoring Tool

Build visually

Download PandaSuite Studio for Mac & Windows. Add your content and design your screens with our drag & drop editor.

Elearning Authoring Tool

View across devices

Preview your digital content anywhere using the PandaSuite Viewer iOS & Android app. Share the preview link and collect feedbacks.

Elearning Authoring Tool


Export your learning content into a Learning Management System (LMS). Or you can build your own app for iOS, Android, MacOS or Windows.


More than courses, build rich experiences

Create rich-media and user friendly learning courses with your own look & feel and navigation in just a few clicks.
  • Import any multimedia content (images, audio, video…)
  • Full design of your screens
  • Make it mobile responsive
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Time for action!

Interactivity increases user engagement and training performance. Invite your learners to explore a screen, answer questions or follow scenarios.
  • Turn any element into a button and choose your trigger (swipe, scroll…)
  • Gamification: add playful modules such as drag & drop, puzzle, click and appear…
  • Add logic with conditions & variables
  • Create animations with on-screen objects (transitions, zoom…)
interactive learning

Assessment & Analytics

Check what the learner has retained through quiz and keep them informed of their progress. Analyze your users’ learning path.
  • Add authentification for a personalized learning experience
  • Create custom-made quizzes or embed an online form (Typeform, Google Form…)
  • Add variables and increment a score
  • Connect your course to Google Analytics
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Elearning Authoring Tool

Publish interactive courses to your LMS

If you already have a LMS software, export and integrate interactive content directly in your platform. Track and display learners’ actions: feedback of progress, time spent, scores and statistics.
  • Export your course as a SCORM package and integrate within an existing LMS platform
  • Your interactive course is built in HTML5
  • Compatible with SCORM 1.2 and 2004 standards
Elearning Authoring Tool

Export your own app with PandaSuite

If you don’t have or want a LMS platform, you can also export a mobile app for iOS & Android, a desktop app for Windows and MacOS or publish a web based experience for online training.
  • Publish to Apple App Store, Google Play or externally
  • Provide an offline experience, make real time updates
  • Add custom domain to your URL
make an app

Look at these examples

stago serious game

Serious Game

Elearning Authoring Tool

Learning App

GRDF Learning Course

Learning Course

Elearning Authoring Tool

e-Learning App


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Elearning Authoring Tool

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Get up and running fast

Elearning Authoring Tool

Learn with great tutorials & resources

Explore more than 150 free tutorials (articles & videos). Get inspired by examples. Start with blank project or pre-built templates.

Elearning Authoring Tool

Support from the best people

PandaSuite’s customer support team is always available by email, phone and chat to answer questions. And we’ve all been using PandaSuite for years.

Elearning Authoring Tool

A community of experts ready to help

Don’t want to learn PandaSuite? We have a great community of designers, integrators, animators, and eventually programers.

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