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What is a web application?

A web app runs through web browsers like Google Chrome, Safari or Internet Explorer. Built in browser-supported language such as Javascript and HTML, it is hosted on a remote server and delivered over the Internet.

🐼 With PandaSuite, you can build web apps without any coding.

Why building a web app?

If you want to build an app for mobile, PandaSuite gives you the choice between a web app or a native application. What are their differences?

Why building a web app?

Native apps

  • Native apps are developed specifically for a platform - iOS or Android.
  • They have access to native features.
  • They are deployed via the apps stores (Google Play Store, Apple App Store..) and installed on the device.

Web apps

  • Web apps can be accessed through various platforms such as a desktop, laptop or mobile devices.
  • They cannot always access device-specific hardware such as GPS or camera.
  • Web apps do not need to be downloaded - they can be accessed on your phone via a web browser. Some can be listed in search engines.


PWA, the future of mobile apps?

More than a simple web app, you can build Progressive Web App with PandaSuite. Between a website and a native app, they bring new advantages for your mobile app projects.

Offline Experience

The PWA is browser-based but provides an offline experience. Some content is cached when there is connection, and if there isn't, it will still display as per normal. This is possible thanks to the use of service workers.


PWA are accessible through web browser such as web app. But they can be installed on the devices. When they are installed, Progressive Web Apps run in a standalone window instead of a browser tab. They're launchable from on the user's home screen.

Push notifications

PWA integrate with phone's services such as push notifications. Send messages to users to inform them about updates and draw their attention to new features.


Speed is one of the most important factors when it comes to smooth user experience. PWA makes it possible for users to access their favourite app in practically any moment regardless of the network...

How to make a web app/PWA

PandaSuite is both a web builder and a progressive web app builder (PWA builder).

Build visually

Build visually

Start from scratch or convert an existing website Design your screens, add components and create actions without any coding.

Preview instantly

Preview instantly

Test your project on iPhone and iPad devices using PandaSuite Viewer application.



Go live and get custom domain name. Update your app whenever you want.

Great feature for your app

Everything to create a great web app/PWA.


Insert images, videos, animations, forms without any technical knowledge to build the perfect web application for your users.

+50 components

Pop-up, scrolling area, drag & drop... use our pre-built components with lots of UI effects.

Dynamic Data

Connect internal or external database (Airtable...) to your application and manage user-generated data.


Tab bar, navigation bar, hamburger menu... choose the perfect UX and navigation for your web app.


Connect to other web services (Twilio, Airtable, ...) with the HTTP component.

Responsive design

Adapts automatically to all screens and works on all devices.


Flexible and high-performance hosting

Go live with our powerful, secure and scalable hosting network, don't worry about maintenance. Connect your custom domain, your web app is secured with free Let's Encrypt SSL Certificate. Or you can export and host on your own server.

Unlimited bandwidth

High availability (99.90%)

Flexible and high-performance hosting

Manage with peace of mind

Updates are instant and we take care of the rest. Zero maintenance. Measure and track user behaviour to make better decisions by connecting an analytics tool (Google Analytics, Mixpanel or Firebase).

They built their project with PandaSuite

PandaSuite, a cross-platform app maker

Your web app is also automatically converted into a native iOS, Android app, and a desktop app for Windows.

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