Make an app for Android without any coding

No coding required. With PandaSuite, build visually mobile apps for Android phone and tablet, and more.

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Make an app for Android without any coding

Why building an Android app?

There are many reasons why building apps for Android.

Market share

Android has the largest market share compared to Apple, especially in the countries of Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Google Play Store

Google Play Store is the largest application market with 2.7 million apps. You'll get more app downloads but probably less money as Android users pay less in-app purchases as iOS users.
Why building an Android app?

Android is dominant in global up-and-coming markets, including in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Android users are more likely to work in technical jobs. Slightly more men prefer Android than iOS.

Android App Development No Coding

Creating an Android application is more complicated than iOS. This operating system is an open source ecosystem: it involves many different devices, components and software. For developers, it's quite a fragmented development environment. Moreover Android users are not all up to date on the most current version of the operating platform.

🐼 That is why using PandaSuite app builder for Android is an even more strategic choice. You can build your Android apps quickly and easily.
Create an Android app without coding

How to create an app for Android with PandaSuite?

PandaSuite is a drag and drop tool to build great mobile app for your business, employees or any audience you want.

Build visually

Build visually

Start from scratch or use a template. Design your screens, add components and create actions without any coding.

Preview instantly

Preview instantly

Test your project on Android devices using PandaSuite Viewer application.

Export APK file

Export APK file

Get your binary Android file and deploy as you want. Enjoy our services to manage and update your app after deployment.

The best features for your Android app

Audio & Video

Include any image, video, sound and rich media content. PandaSuite also supports 360° images and videos, and 3D objects.


Create transitions & animations using states. This is how you'll create a smooth and engaging user experience.

+50 components

Pop-up, scrolling area, drag & drop... use our pre-made building blocks for UI design.

Dynamic Data

Add variables for logic. Connect database to manage data in your application.

In-app purchases

Monetize your app using Android native in-app purchases. You can sell a variety of content, including subscriptions, new features, and services.


Connect to external services (Airtable, Google Form, Twilio...) using HTTP component.

Real-time updates

Update your app whenever you want. You don't need to submit to Google Play again, unless you want to unlock new features.


Track the performance of your application by connecting an analytics tool (Google Analytics, Firebase...).

Publish to Google Play Store

Play Store is the largest app store with 2.7 million Android apps compared to 1.8 million iOS apps. Publishing your app is the best way for to promote it broadly and around the world. It used to be easier to get submitted but guidelines are more restrictive now.

Sideloading, the easy alternative to Android Play Store

Compared to iOS, it's easy to install a non-market Android app. Called sideloading, users can essentially install any Android app currently made available outside the Play Store. As a user, tick a box in the settings, download an APK, and you're set. For business apps, this is a great way to directly reach your partners, customers and clients.

Alternative to Android Play Store

Why building Android Apps with PandaSuite

There are other Android app builders. These are some of the reasons why you should build your app with PandaSuite.

PandaSuite, the most flexible no code platform

Full Customization

You can build your app from scratch. Insert your visual elements and choose your own navigation. Build an app like no other.

Cross-platform app builder

Your Android app is also automatically converted into other app formats: web app, Windows, iOS... No need to make a choice between iOS and Android.

Fun & Addictive

With its drag & drop interface, building an app is like a game. Play with components and interactive actions to build crazy effects.

Save money

With PandaSuite you prototype your Android app for free and publish from €99/month. For freelancers, small businesses as well a large organisations.

App Tutorials & Support

Discover our Android app maker with lots of free app tutorials. Get in touch with PandaSuite team.

Easy and quick

Android app development requires time. With our drag and drop app builder, your app comes to life much faster.

PandaSuite, a cross-platform app maker

Your Android app is also automatically converted into other app formats. No need to make a choice between iOS and Android.

Get started now with the free version

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