Feature Index

It's not possible to detail every feature of PandaSuite. Let's say these are the most popular 🙂



Simple and intuitive interface. No coding is required - what you see is what you get.

Asset optimization

Add any kind of media - images (PNG, JPG, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, TIF), video (mp4; .avi; .wmv; .mov; .flv; .mkv; .mpg; .mpeg) or audio (.mp3; .wav; .wma; .aac; .m4a)

Media library

Upload your content (image, video....), filter your library and access online anywhere

Crop images

Add mask to your images and choose layout

Insert PDF

Add PDF file online or offline using HTML component

Add maps

Add Maps using HTML component


Access to all Google fonts (around 100) or add your own font

Text Styles

Define size, line spacing, color, underline, uppercase and superscript.

Paragraph Styles

Define paragraph alignment & adjustment

Object Layout

Define alignment, distribution, opacity, depth, rotation and adjustment of your objects

Grid & Work space

Display grid, move window and arrange your workspace (zoom, move)


Add objects above or below your screens


Explore every gesture : single tap/click, double tap/click, touch/click down, touch/click up, swipe up, swipe down, swipe left, swipe right and mouse over/out (for desktop)


Choose between many actions: change screen/state, interact with a component, display external content, change foreground/background, change language, interact with global audio, go back to previous screen state


Create animated transitions using states: fade in, fade out, move....

Responsive design

Enable size & position scale of your objects

Adaptive layout

Create device-specific layout of your project

Language management

Add multiple languages inside your project: japanese, arabic, portuguese, english...


Interactive Zone

Define an interactive zone to tigger an action

Scrolling Area

Scroll content horizontally or vertically


Display content in a window above your current screen


Browse page horizontally or vertically

Video Player

Get your video displayed within a standard player


Add sequence of images or GIFs in your project


Animate an object within your screen

HD Zoom

Zoom into an image

Drag & Drop

Drag & Drop objects in your screens


Add HTML content inside your project (online or offline - ZIP file) and create custom components using our Javascript library


Play with gyroscope and accelerometer (mobile + tablet)


Use micro saturation to simulate blow effect (mobile + tablet)


Detect a shake event (mobile + tablet)


Play with magnetometer to capture a pivot angle


Set time to define actions


Detect beacon sensors around you (eddystone) to trigger actions

Bluetooth BLE

Communicate between devices using Bluetooth Low Energy

In-app Purchase

Unblock content after a purchasing action


Add downloadable content inside your project


Synchronize components properties together

Project Management

Instant update

Save & instantly synchronize your project on your devices

PandaSuite Viewer App

Preview using the PandaViewer application or the preview web

Present Anywhere

Get access to your project without any Internet connection

Share links

Share your project using the preview app

Transfer project

Transfer your project to other users

Duplicate project

Make a copy of your project



Deploy native content on every platform (Objective-C for iOS, Java for Android and HTML5 for web) for the best user experience


Your content is synchronized from your back office and stored directly inside the app. Native apps are completely available offline.

Help for submitting

We guide you through every step of the publication to the App Store and the Play Store

Your icon

Publish a white-labelled app on the App Store and Google Play

Single or multiple projects

Deploy a single or multiple issues of your application


Get data on user behaviours and connect analytics tool (Mixpanel, Google Analytics...)

Push notifications

Send direct messages to your users

Universal links

Send one link that automatically redirects to the right version of your app (iOS, Android, HTLM5)


Track the behaviour of your recipients (clicks, downloads)

Embed in web page

Export your project into HTML5 and host your content on your servers

Instant updates

Update your content instantly and without any validation on every device



Your content is private, you're the sole owner


Your content is securely hosted on our servers


All your data is backed up daily, in different geographical locations, to guarantee maximum continuity


Help Center

Discover around 100 free tutorials (articles and videos) on help.pandasuite.com

Interactive Help

Follow our step-by-step guidelines to learn about the studio

Live Chat

Send direct messages to our team H24/24 and D7/7 - we answer as soon as possible 🙂

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