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The benefits of an application or an interactive exhibition for your museum

Engage your audience

Offer content adapted to the digital use of your visitors.

Make your collection shine

Increase your organization's visibility and awareness with innovative tools.

Make it personal

Give your visitors all the resources to live the best self-guided experience.

Stay in control

No need to work with a developer: you have full control over content and updates.

Control costs

Unlike traditional development, PandaSuite is much more affordable!

Produce quickly

With PandaSuite, you can produce an application in a few weeks.

For your digital cultural heritage projects

PandaSuite allows you to create any kind of application quickly and without technical knowledge.

Native iOS/Android mobile apps

Create a native app built for iOS and Android devices.

Interactive kiosk for touchscreen devices

Build a custom touch screen software for your exhibition space.

Web app / Progressive Web Apps

Publish to the web, as a standalone app or inside a website.

Guide your visitors with an app

Instead of the traditional audio guides, offer a modern and fun visit experience via a mobile application containing multimedia content (videos, audios, 3D, 360°), a map to find your way, games, geo-contextualized information...

For mobile and tablets

Available offline (even in the museum)

Publish to the App Store and Google Play

Or distribute outside the app stores via a download link

“PandaSuite allows me to produce apps and interactive projects quickly and on my own for my museum”

Cite patrimoine logo
Jérome Richard, Digital Manager at the Cité de l'architecture et du patrimoine

Build an indoor digital experience with a museum interactive kiosk

Install museum kiosks that can be used by visitors in complete autonomy. Provide access to additional content that enriches the exhibition (missing objects, videos, maps). Create an interactive map, games and interactive modules that stimulate the engagement of the youngest (and the oldest) visitors.

Install on any device

Compatible with all operating systems: Android, Windows or iOS

Create multi-device installations (BLE, websocket...)

Share your digital exhibition and collections beyond your walls

For those who can't visit your institution, offer a digital experience of your museum exhibitions. Share it on your institution's website and spread the word about your museum worldwide.

Compatible with all browsers (Chrome, Firefox etc...)

Create a standalone app or interactive content

PandaSuite hosting or export to your own servers

Explore new ways to engage with your audience

With PandaSuite, get access to the most relevant new technologies, experiment with your audience and quickly iterate based on the results.

Image recognition

Mix the real and digital worlds by allowing visitors to access specific content from a scanned image on their camera (like a QR code).

Beacon & GPS sensors

Accompany your visitors on the field within the museum (Bluetooth) or outside thanks to geolocation technologies.

Immersive 360° virtual tours

Project your visitors into inaccessible places and objects (far away or disappeared) thanks to 360° images and videos.

3D modeling

Allow your visitors to manipulate your objects in 3D and project them in the environment thanks to augmented reality.

It seems like I can accomplish almost anything I want with PandaSuite. This was our first time using this tool and highly recommend it to other institutions looking to engage visitors with digital content on mobile devices.

Emily Kotecki
Emily Kotecki
Visitor Experience Designer for the North Carolina Museum of Art

How to build tour guide app with PandaSuite?

PandaSuite is an intuitive app builder open to everyone. Whether you're a graphic designer, project manager, digital manager, in an agency, a museum or an institution, create your apps with our drag-and-drop editor PandaSuite Studio and publish in the format of your choice.

Create for free


Download the PandaSuite Studio app for Windows and MacOS to your computer and create your project visually.

View across devices


Preview instantly on an iOS & Android device using the PandaSuite Viewer app and on all web browsers with the share link.

Deploy anywhere


Export as a native app for iOS, Android, Windows or publish to the web based on where your audience is located.

Update instantly


Upgrade your app at any time. Track statistics and send notifications to keep users informed.

Multiple features to build custom and unique apps

Build visually block by block an application that meets your objectives.


Your app is automatically available in iOS, Android, web and Windows.


Enrich your app with multimedia content: videos, 360°, audio, After Effect animations, 3D objects...


HD Zoom, Pop-up, Scroll... use more than 60 ready-to-use components.


Create 100% custom quizzes and games: puzzle, drag and drop, interactive image, memory...


Add transitions and animations for a more fluid user experience.


Your app is accessible even without an Internet connection, even the web app!


Track your app's usage data.


Add multiple languages to your app and target a wider audience.


Dynamically display your collections from an external database.

They built their project with PandaSuite


Architectural Treasures Videoguide

Architectural Treasures Videoguide

Zhang Dali Audioguide App

Zhang Dali Audioguide App

Choose more than just a tool

Choose more than just a tool

Solid expertise

Since 2015, we have been working with museums, cities and agencies around the world: the Louvre Museum, North Carolina Museum of Art, Cité de l'Architecture et du Design...

Ongoing development

We are constantly releasing new features and proposing improvements so that PandaSuite is and remains the best platform possible.

Lots of resources and a support team at your side

Learn from over + 150 articles, tutorials and videos, available in French and English. A question, an unexpected behavior, or need an expert? Our team is at your disposal.

A team of passionate people

We are a small team and we are independent. We are convinced that our passion and your support will make PandaSuite a great tool.

One single tool for all your projects

Mastering PandaSuite opens the way to the realization of many different projects: mobile apps, landing pages, games, digital learning...

Create for free, pay for publishing

Using PandaSuite is free. Create your application and test it without any commitment. Become a Pro user for €29/month.

Different plans for publishing


  • Web app, native app or both

  • Single app or content hub

  • Subscription or one-time payment

  • Pay by credit card, bank transfer or check

  • Special offers for non-profit

Starting at


per month billed monthly, or €790 once.

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