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What is an interactive ebook?

Technology is providing new ways of learning and sharing information. A few years ago Epub and PDF emerged thanks to ebook creator software like iBooks Author, but this is no longer enough to keep users engaged. Interactive ebooks are digital publications in which your audience can directly interact with. Built in native and HTML5 languages, it includes videos, audios, links and other touch-based interactions. Make the choice of an interactive ebook maker.

interactive ebook

Create an interactive ebook with PandaSuite

Bring your content to life with PandaSuite, a powerful cloud-based creation software. It provides lots of features and endless possibilities to create any kind of digital publications without any technical knowledge.

Create an interactive ebook with PandaSuite
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Download PandaSuite Studio for Mac & Windows, your drag and drop editor. Create from scratch or use an existing template.

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Instantly test your project on iOS and Android mobile devices using PandaSuite Viewer application.

Deploy anywhere


Your interactive ebook is automatically converted into many formats: publish as a web app, export native app or embed into a LMS platform.

Update instantly


Upgrade your app at any time. Track statistics and send notifications to keep users informed.

Benefits of interactive ebook

Interactive ebooks are the solutions to businesses and organizations that want to provide better content and improve retention.


Engage readers with an interactive reading experience and rich media content (audio, video, slideshows...).


Studies show that interactivity improves retention. It makes you save time and effort, but also attracts a wider audience.


Content can be accessed from multiple devices (mobiles, tablets, PCs) and without any Internet connection.

Save money

Creating and printing multiple versions of a printed document or ebook is costly.


Create games and add quizzes at the end of the section for post learning evaluation.


Interactive ebooks make information accessible, searchable, and up-to-date. Link to additional content and resources (videos, presentations, ..).


Unlike regular books, ebook content is easier to update. Content creator and publishers only have to make changes and publish them instantly.


Create realistic and immersive experiences for readers by stimulating their imagination.

Build great user experience

PandaSuite is the most flexible interactive ebook publishing platform.

Make it visually appealing

Make it visually appealing

You have the possibility to customize every pixel of your interactive ebook. Deliver the best reading experience: add your own images & icons, import your text and design the layout as you want. Build the best navigation adapted to users' needs and the type of content you publish: table of contents, previous/next button, tab bar....

Import rich media assets

Import rich media assets

Creating interactive ebooks requires rich media (videos, audios, 360° images and even 3D objects). Import all your files in PandaSuite Studio. You don't need to worry about the ebook size: all your media are automatically optimized for every device!

Add interactive elements

Add interactive elements

Make your content interactive with our components. Add slideshows, scrolling paragraphs, call-to action buttons, drag & drop or pop ups. Create transitions and animations, build animated graphics.

Others features:


Make it easy to find words throughout your digital publication.


Create links to existing PDF documents or make them available within the ebook.


Build interactive elements like games, quizzes & puzzles that keep readers engaged and deepen the impact of the written words


Make your publication secure with a personal login & password system.

Notes & Annotations

Users can take notes directly from the support and add annotations on the screens. This input is stored locally on the device.

Image recognition

Trigger multimedia content based on image recognition to enhance physical books with digital experience.

Unlimited screens

Create as many screens as you want.


Gather your prospects' or students' data.


Export in multiple formats

Deploy your interactive content for every device and in the best format. Publish your ebook as a web app, export as a mobile app for iOS and Android, create a desktop app for Windows and MacOS or publish to an existing LMS. Distribute all your ebooks from one single branded app and add purchases.


For education

Schools and organizations use interactive eBooks to ensure students retain the subject better. Instead of listening passively to a teacher, students participate actively in the learning process. There is more fun and entertainment with quizzes and interactive exercises. Ebooks are easier to carry making educational material available easily and quickly.


For product marketing

Creating an eBook is an efficient strategy to strengthen your brand, providing a solid foundation for your marketing or sales operations. Prospects get access to high-quality content that builds awareness and drives revenue. Sales representatives are equipped with effective and entertaining supports to sell their products more effectively, even when they are on the move.


For corporate training

Train your collaborators on technical subjects thanks to playful and interactive modules. The interactive ebook is available everywhere, even in the field for operational teams.


For book publishers

Interactive ebooks add an extra layer to storytelling by creating a richer, more interactive and engaging reading experience. Target new revenue streams and new audience with this innovative format.

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