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Stand out with touchscreen displays

Enhance visitor engagement

Enhance visitor engagement

Provide a dynamic and engaging experience for visitors. Add interactivity to encourage active participation, capture users' attention and increase their engagement levels.

Improve information delivery

Improve information delivery

Offer a more versatile and efficient means of delivering information compared to traditional static displays. Users can interact with content, navigate though menus and access additional information. You can update content in real-time.

Get data

Get data

Collect valuable data and gain insights into user behavior. Through user interactions, such as touch gestures or input, you can gather data on user preferences, popular content, frequently accessed features, and more.


Discover a simple but powerful platform to create your interactive displays

PandaSuite Studio is an easy-to-use and intuitive editor. Compatible for MacOS, Windows and Linux, it is used for various contexts, ranging from educational institutions, trade shows and retail spaces to museums, exhibitions, and beyond.

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Create for free

User-friendly interface

No technical skills required. Import your content and build visually interactive digital displays. There are many features to make it unique and engaging.

View across devices

Test instantly

View your project in real time on all devices. Depending on the type of device, use the web link or the PandaSuite Viewer app (iOS, Android). Share it with your colleagues.

Deploy anywhere

Cross-platform deployment

Depending on the device, export the right file (EXE, DMG, IPA, APK). Choose whether to make it autonomous or not, requiring an internet connection for updates.

Update instantly

Easy updates

Evolve your content from PandaSuite Studio. For content updates, update with just one click. For standalone offline applications, simply re-export.

Infinite possibilities for every use cases

Customization and branding

Align your interface with the visual identity of the company or your organization. Customize all visual elements and choose your navigation mode.


Integrate various multimedia formats such as images, videos, 3D, 360°, and audio. You can also embed web pages (iframe).

Interactive elements

Create interactive elements like buttons, menus, games, and animations. Turn any element into a triggering event and choose any action : Go to screen, Interact with a component etc.

Integration with external systems

Integrate external systems such as databases, APIs, or payment gateways.


Connect your project to an analytics tool (Google Analytics, Firebase) and benefit from analysis and reports to understand user behavior and the performance of your content.


Display content in multiple languages to cater to a diverse audience. Add as many languages as you want and the layout remains the same between languages.


Your content can be played back even in offline environments, where an internet connection may not be available or stable (trade shows, museums).


Connect multiple devices and control one or more screens remotely. Send and receive information between devices. It can be offline by installing a local server.


It is designed to support touch interactions, specifically for touchscreen displays. This enables you to create touch-enabled experiences, such as interactive menus, product catalogs, or maps, where viewers can directly engage with your content by tapping or swiping on the screen.

See how PandaSuite can be used


The Banquet of the Cesars

The Banquet of the Cesars

Multimedia Kiosk

Multimedia Kiosk


The presentation is available on smartphones (iPhone, Android), large screens, and tablets. It is very flexible in terms of distribution, and we don't require a Wi-Fi connection, especially during large exhibitions.

Pierre Masquelier
Pierre Masquelier
Product manager on the Hub One Delivery solution, Hub One

Trust in PandaSuite's performance

In the dynamic world of digital signage, reliability is key. PandaSuite is here to provide that. We're committed to supporting your important projects with our robust platform. Our strong uptime statistics and prompt bug resolution times demonstrate our dedication to maintaining a stable and reliable service.

With PandaSuite, you can create and deploy your digital signage content with confidence, knowing you're backed by a platform designed for steady, reliable performance.

Seamless transition with PandaSuite's support

Transitioning to a new digital signage platform can be a daunting task. But with PandaSuite, you're never alone. We're committed to providing the support you need, whenever you need it. Here's how we ensure a smooth transition:

Support team

Our team is here to answer your queries and resolve any issues.

Comprehensive Knowledge Base

We offer a wealth of videos and tutorials to help you navigate our platform.

Regular Check-ins

Our account managers regularly touch base with you to offer personalized assistance.
Seamless transition with PandaSuite's support

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