Looking for an alternative to MIT App Inventor?

Go beyond the limits of MIT App Inventor with PandaSuite's simplicity, creative freedom, and multi-platform deployment options. Choose PandaSuite to bring your ideas to life in professional applications.

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PandaSuite versus MIT App Inventor? 🤔

MIT App Inventor has played an undeniable role in popularizing app development, especially among beginners and students. When it's time to take it up a notch, PandaSuite provides the flexibility, power, and stability needed for your professional projects.


Learn how to build an app without any coding

Have you played with MIT App Inventor? Discover the power of PandaSuite Studio. From accelerometer to pop-up and authentication, innovate and build your app easily within a visual and playful interface.

PandaSuite Studio

A visual drag & drop interface

Regardless of your background—be it a graphic designer, student, programer, or a curious explorer—PandaSuite Studio’s user-friendly environment welcomes you.

Awesome components

PandaSuite enables you to integrate sophisticated features into your apps. Sensors, accelerometers, image recognition, beacon technology, and 3D capabilities are just the beginning.

Live preview and testing

See your app come to life as you build it. PandaSuite’s live preview and PandaSuite Viewer for iOS & Android allow you to test and tweak your app in real-time, on multiple devices.

Integrations and API connexion

Whether you’re looking to incorporate external data, enhance user interaction, or leverage cloud services, PandaSuite makes integration straightforward.


Create quizzes, games and interactive modules including scores and variables. Make your app a playful experience.

Educational resources

Discover PandaSuite for free with our many helpful articles and tutorial videos. Dive into our specific and practical examples.

Create beautiful apps and delightful user experience

PandaSuite takes design and multimedia integration to the next level. Break free from the limitations of basic component aesthetics and immerse your audience in visually stunning, interactive experiences that captivate and engage.

Full customization of the app interface

Create custom animations or import Lottie/AfterEffect animations

Multimedia components: Video, Audio, 3D, 360°...

Interactive capabilities

Easily deploy on multiple platforms

PandaSuite empowers you to create once and deploy everywhere—be it iOS, Android, or web platforms—ensuring your projects enjoy maximum visibility and impact.

Export a mobile app for iOS & Android

Publish a web app / PWA

Export a desktop app for Windows, Linux, MacOS

Offline capabilities

PandaSuite is a user-centric tool, designed for creators, with a strong focus on user experience. It is evident in every aspect! The interface is intuitive, the online help is well-executed, the functions are flexible, and there is a wealth of creative interaction possibilities.

Vincent Suzat
Vincent Suzat

Elevate your project to professional standards

While MIT App Inventor is a great starting point for app development, PandaSuite offers a strong and comprehensive platform for managing a wide variety of projects with strong performance, continuous enhancements, and associated distribution services.

Regular updates and new features for PandaSuite Studio

Support team to solve your technical challenges

Authentication and security features

Price and quality

Create for free, publish with suitable rates

Even if PandaSuite isn't 100% free and open source, it offers a free account to users to create a project at no cost. To support students and non-profit projects in our society, PandaSuite offers up to 50% discount on Publishing plans and Pro accounts. Regardless of your budget, create impactful and high-quality applications with PandaSuite.

Feature comparison


MIT App Inventor

A visual drag and drop editor
Advanced design and multimedia features for creating aesthetically pleasing apps
Suitable for beginners and educational purposes
Innovative components: sensors, image recognition, accelerometer, beacon, 3D, etc.
For professional-grade projects with focus on design and user experience
Cross-platform: native apps (iOS, Android) + web app
Analytics capabilities

PandaSuite, an alternative for your project

By opting for PandaSuite, you're not just choosing a tool for app development; you're embracing a platform that grows with you. As your ideas evolve, PandaSuite stands ready to bring them to life with its intuitive design, expansive feature set, and publishing options who push the boundaries of what's possible..

Get started now with the free version

No credit card is required, and there is no time limit. Discover our interactive no-code creation tool today and join over 50,000 users around the world.

PandaSuite Studio