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Interactive Marketing

What is interactive marketing?

Interactive marketing requires active engagement of your audience by exploring scenarios, answering questions, clicking… Interactive content is a mix between relevant and educational content and visual, entertaining and dynamic content.
Interactive Marketing
Interactive Marketing

Increase awareness

Illustrated and concrete examples are the best way to value your assets. Show why your product is the best, don’t tell.

improve conversion

Improve performance

Retain visitors on your website or any channel. Manage and monitor content regularly in line with product marketing.

Interactive Marketing

Differentiate your brand

Create new and immersive format to reinforce brand image and differentiate towards competitors.


Create new formats for 2020

Interactive Marketing


Make people explore data by themselves through good design and engaging interactivity. It provides more information than a static infographics.

Interactive Marketing

Scrolling page

Turn your text, images and videos into stunning magazine-style web stories that will impress readers on any device.

Interactive Marketing

Interactive video

Add buttons, chapters, clickable zones so that viewers are able to engage with what they are watching.

Interactive Marketing


Make it fun and effective. This is also a great way to capture data on user behaviour and know better what they want.

Interactive Marketing

Product presentation

Build gorgeous, highly functional and interactive product presentations with multimedia content (3D, videos…) and buttons.

Interactive Marketing


Create custom, branded marketing games. Attract potential customers to your business with this great interactive content format.

studio pandasuite sales enablement

The most interactive no code platform

PandaSuite is a simple and easy-to-use builder to create interactive content. Speak digitally in your own words and in your own format without any coding.
studio pandasuite sales enablement
step 1 create
Create for free

Easily create interactive content. Drag & drop your content, add buttons and components, create animations.

step 2 view
View across devices

Preview your project anytime using the PandaSuite Viewer App. Share the link to your colleagues and collect feedbacks.

step 3 publish
Deploy anywhere

Publish as a website, embed into a web page or create a stand-alone app for mobile & tablet.


Bring emotions through custom, digital marketing experiences

Craft unique experiences at every touchpoint of customer journey. Build strong and meaningful brand experiences for lead generation, product marketing, corporate communications and events.

Interactive Marketing
experiential content journey

Reach potential customers during their journey

Enrich an existing website or create new interactive landing pages. Share it to social networks and connect to your marketing automation platforms to optimize your marketing funnels.

Create your own URL with custom branding or embed into an iframe

Hosting on PandaSuite servers or export it to your servers

Create a white-labelled app for mobile and tablet

experiential content journey

Spend less with agencies

You can totally build your interactive materials in-house – there is no need to work with a developer. But if you prefer collaborating with an agency, keep control of your updates and re-use interactive elements for other projects.


Look at these examples

interactive press kit faurecia

Interactive Presskit

ebook nanomodules delta dore

Ebook Nanomodules

Interactive Marketing

Energy Simulator

val d'oise interactive presentation

Interactive Presentation


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Interactive Marketing

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Interactive Marketing

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Interactive Marketing

A community of experts ready to help

Don’t want to learn PandaSuite? We have a great community of designers, integrators, animators, and eventually programers.

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Interactive Marketing