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Transform your documents into rich, engaging digital publications and successfully deliver your messages.

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Bring digital publishing to a new level

Digital Publishing

Bring all your content together into a digital publication

Boost your content by making them accessible at every digital touch points (website, direct URL or an application).

Digital Publishing

Get higher engagement with visual and interactive interfaces

Provide interactions (buttons, pop-up…) and rich multimedia enhancements (video, 3D, 360°…) to engage your audience around your brand.

Digital Publishing

Save costs and trees

In terms of environmental impact and business optimization, digitalization reduce printing costs and prevent the use of paper.

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The most interactive & creative digital publishing tool

PandaSuite is a powerful digital publishing tool to create, deploy and measure highly interactive content without any technical knowledge.
pandasuite no code
step 1 create
Build visually

Download PandaSuite Studio for Mac & Windows. Easily build your digital publication with our intuitive and easy-to-use interface.

step 2 view
View across devices

Preview your publication anywhere using the PandaSuite Viewer iOS & Android app. Share the preview link and collect feedbacks.

step 3 publish
Deploy everywhere

Get the link to your publication. Or you can build your own app for iOS, Android, MacOS or Windows.

Digital Publishing

Empower your content

Digital publishing makes you deliver your messages in a more impactful way.

Enrich your content
Beyond text and images, offer multimedia enhancements that bring your content to life.

Add interactivity
Encourage your audience to move from passive to active consultation of your support.

Explore new technologies
Explore new ways to engage your audience through technology. Deliver experiences that mix real and virtual.

Digital Publishing

Bring your ideas to life

Create digital publications without knowing a line of code.


Create buttons to change screen, open pop-up… Turn any element into a button.


Add built-in audio & video or from an external source (YouTube, Vimeo…).


Create custom animations using states or add After Effect & HTML5 animations.

Intuitive navigation

Drop-down menu, swipe horizontally, hamburger menu… Create custom navigation within your digital publication.

Scrolling, pop-up, zoom…

Create scroll and scroll-based Parallax animations, add pop-ups and lots of UI components.

360°, 3D & AR

Embed any 3D model and 360° images and videos. Experience in your own environment with augmented reality


Capture emails and other information by saving the input entered by users. Generate new leads by collecting emails.


Add localization to your app and integrate as many languages as you want.

Dynamic data

Structure data, connect to external database and import dynamically into custom interface. Save time on big projects.


Multiple channels, multiple platforms

Digital publications are available on every device, on every platform. Target your audience where they are with a link, or a white-labelled application.
app distribution

Share with a link

Distribute with a simple link and customize the look and feel of the URL. Integrate your digital publications into a website and expand your audience.

  • Built in HTML5
  • Self-hosting or PandaSuite hosting

Content hub

Manage and centralize all your documents within a public or private kiosk application.

  • Send direct links to publications
  • Manage access for users
  • White-labelled

Build an app

Transform your publication into a dedicated application, for mobile and tablet (iOS & Android).

  • Publish to App Stores or deploy private apps
  • Send push notifications
  • Offline access
interactive learning

Track and optimize your KPIs

Connect to Google Analytics and track the performance of your publications through data and analytics: number of visits, average duration, number of clicks…
Digital Publishing

Sell directly from your publication

Let your audience buy a product, content or service directly from your interactive catalogue or digital publication. Deploy as a kiosk, integrate in-app purchases or/and add a shopping cart.
Digital Publishing

Look at these examples

Digital Publishing

Sales Enablement

Digital Publishing


app mobile francis lefebvre formation

Mobile App

showcase comexposium

Interactive Presentation


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Digital Publishing

Learn with great tutorials & resources

Explore more than 150 free tutorials (articles & videos). Get inspired by examples. Start with blank project or pre-built templates.

Digital Publishing

Support from the best people

PandaSuite’s customer support team is always available by email, phone and chat to answer questions. And we’ve all been using PandaSuite for years.

Digital Publishing

A community of experts ready to help

Don’t want to learn PandaSuite? We have a great community of designers, integrators, animators, and eventually programers.

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