Simple, Unique & Interactive Digital Signage

PandaSuite is a digital signage software to deploy interactive content on any screen in just a few clicks.

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Digital Signage

Get in touch with people through interactive kiosks

interactive touch screen museum

Create touchscreen experiences for customers

Present your products in a more playful and interactive way directly inside your supermarket, shop, company or restaurant.

Digital Signage

Deliver targeted and dynamic visual messaging

Collect data on your customers or prospects when they are using your digital tool. Save money and time while increasing engagement.

Digital Signage

Bring critical informations without human connection

During crisis, share important health and safety information with real-time updates to keep employees and customers safe.

studio pandasuite sales enablement

PandaSuite, the most interactive no code platform

PandaSuite is acclaimed by many companies for its creative freedom and its native, code-free, multi-platform development. The tool perfectly meets the needs of small structures as well as those of large companies.
studio pandasuite sales enablement
step 1 create
Create for free

Easily create interactive screens. Drag & drop your content, add buttons & components, create animations.

step 2 view
View across devices

View your screens anytime on any device using the PandaSuite Viewer application. Share the link and collect feedbacks.

step 3 publish
Deploy anywhere

Broadcast your content on any type of screen within a custom iOS, Android, Windows or web application.


Build rich-media and engaging interactive kiosks

Fully customizable

Customize your user interface for a 100% unique and engaging experience.


Add all the media (images, videos, audio) and documents (presentations, PDF, slides) you want.


Choose your interaction zones, add pop-ups, scrolling zones thanks to our ready-to-use components.

3D & 360°

Integrate your 3D and 360° content to offer an immersive experience around your products.

Connect to other devices

Build complex interactive experiences using multiple devices thanks to Bluetooth Low Energy technology.


Integrate your YouTube videos, social network news feeds, RSS feeds and other web content.


Your content is always displayed even if you loose Internet connection.


Get data on user behaviour and adapt your content accordingly.

Multilingual & Localisation

Build your interactive screens in multiple languages. Adapt content to local specific needs.


PandaSuite run on any hardware

Your custom app can be installed on any screen type, size and operating system. It’s available in multiple web and native formats (Chrome, Android, Windows) to provide the best user experience. When it comes to screen size, your content is automatically optimized for 4K display or small devices.

To sum up, you do not need servers, advanced hardware, or a complex IT network. Simply purchase a device of your choice and install your app!

compatible hardware

Interactive table – Multitouch table – Interactive kiosk – Tablets – Interactive wall – Digital kiosk – Digital menu board…

Digital Signage

Manage your interactive kiosk from everywhere

Manage the content of your screens from anywhere. Update your application instantaneously without technical knowledge and follow the analytics.

Digital Signage

Look at these examples

Digital Signage

Showroom Métiers

Osorkon 3D interactive multi-touch kiosk

Osorkon II 3D Interactive Kiosk

Digital Signage

Cocktail Interactive Kiosk

carrefour digital catalogue

Interactive Catalogue


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Get up and running fast

Digital Signage

Learn with great tutorials & resources

Explore more than 150 free tutorials (articles & videos). Get inspired by examples. Start with blank project or pre-built templates.

Digital Signage

Support from the best people

PandaSuite’s customer support team is always available by email, phone and chat to answer questions. And we’ve all been using PandaSuite for years.

Digital Signage

A community of experts ready to help

Don’t want to learn PandaSuite? We have a great community of designers, integrators, animators, and eventually programers.

Get started for free

Join more than 15,000 users worldwide. Don’t worry, PandaSuite is free as long as you want.
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